Wedding in oia/santorini ,greece

Santorini Micro Wedding at Terracota Cave House

Join me, Olga, a wedding photographer based in Greece, as I take you on a journey through a captivating micro wedding at the Terracota Cave House in Santorini's Oia. Let me share with you the beauty, intimacy, and love that unfolded against the stunning backdrop of this enchanting location.


Setting the Stage: Terracota Cave House in Oia, Santorini

The Terracota Cave House in Oia provided a timeless and picturesque venue for Ashley and Colin's intimate wedding. Its traditional Cycladic architecture, panoramic sea views set the perfect stage for a romantic celebration.


The Preparation: Elegance and Emotions Unveiled

In the bride's suite, I captured Ashley's radiant beauty as she prepared to walk down the aisle. Her lace gown and delicate floral arrangements showcased her elegant style. Emotions ran high as loved ones shared tender moments, and excitement filled the air. Meanwhile, in the groom's quarters, Colin and his closest friends shared laughter and camaraderie, creating memories to cherish.

The Ceremony: Intimate Vows Amidst Breathtaking Views

Against the backdrop of Santorini's iconic caldera and the Aegean Sea, Ashley and Colin exchanged heartfelt vows on the terrace of Terracota Cave House. The natural beauty of Santorini added an enchanting touch to the ceremony, creating a fairytale-like ambiance that resonated with their love.


Capturing the Magic: Preserving Moments of Love

Through my lens, I  captured every moment, ensuring that the essence of Ashley and Colin's love was forever preserved. From stolen glances to tender embraces, each image captured the depth of their connection. Their love story unfolded against the captivating backdrop of Santorini, creating a collection of photographs that immortalize their special day.



Immerse yourself in the magic of Ashley and Colin's micro wedding in Santorini's Oia at the Terracota Cave House. From the elegant preparations to the intimate ceremony and joyous celebration, each aspect was beautifully captured by my lens. Witness the beauty, love, and timeless charm of this remarkable wedding experience. Through my photographs, the memories of Ashley and Colin's extraordinary day are forever preserved, ensuring they can be cherished and relived for years to come.