• MY STYLE  is natural, delicate  and intimate. I like natural light and pastel tones.I want every picture to look like a beautiful painting. 



I have always been attracted by creative work. As a young girl,

I loved pretty things,
I loved drawing and wanted to be a painter… But the first time in my life I felt the magic was when I saw my father developing a film. Back then, in the USSR, photography was a common hobby of many people. But that magical process still hypnotizes me.
I got back to photography  when I became a mother. Looking at my sons I wished to immortalize every single moment!!! But it wasn’t enough for me just to take pictures. Being a perfectionist I began to explore and learn everything that had to do with photography. I can only say that I have discovered a universe, in which I still live and constantly learn.

I'm based in Athens , Greece and available for local and international travel for weddings , couples sessions etc.

I'm only accepting an exclusive number of weddings and events per year.