I strongly believe that true love, happiness, and emotional openness are the essential ingredients for capturing beautiful and authentic photographs of couples. You cannot fake or fabricate the chemistry that exists between two people. 

The most captivating moments in photography happen when the couple is fully immersed in the enjoyment of their special day, forgetting about the cameras and the "perfect" poses. My couples genuinely cherish their moments together, exchanging loving glances, sharing laughter and tears, and embracing each other wholeheartedly. They don't hold back their affection, expressing their love freely and openly. They live in the moment, making the most of their wedding day.

I believe that wedding photography should not be a staged photoshoot that lasts for hours on end. Rather, it should be a beautiful and authentic documentation of the main characters and the ambiance of the day. This is why I have developed a style that blends classic elegance with documentary and cinematic elements, resulting in a stunning and timeless representation of your special day.



I have always been attracted by creative work. As a young girl,I loved pretty things,I loved drawing and wanted to be a painter… But the first time in my life I felt the magic was when I saw my father developing a film. Back then, in the USSR, photography was a common hobby of many people. But that magical process still hypnotizes me.
I got back to photography  when I became a mother. Looking at my sons I wished to immortalize every single moment ! But it wasn’t enough for me just to take pictures. Being a perfectionist I began to explore and learn everything that had to do with photography. I can only say that I have discovered a universe, in which I still live and constantly learn.

I'm based in Athens , Greece and available for local and international travel for weddings , couples sessions etc.

I'm only accepting an exclusive number of weddings and events per year.